Starting up

And so it begins…

This is my first foray into blogging, which is quite late by most standards of blogging, but I do have reasons for waiting this long. Some of my waiting was because I had no idea what blogging was all about. But as soon as I got that part sorted out, I still delayed my blogging. Because, quite simply, I didn’t know whether I had anything worth saying to anyone and everyone at large. I mean, I could whine and moan about my assigned reading, papers, work, et cetera, but that wouldn’t benefit anyone. So I remained silent. Until now.

Over the last few months, I’ve been reading fairly tech-specific blogs, but my conception of what a blog is and what it does have developed quite rapidly. More importantly, though, I’ve discovered that there is stuff I want to share with people. Most importantly, however, the stuff I want to share might even be interesting to people! Now that’s a thought. (It’s probably way off the mark, but you can blame that on optimism.) But what is this “stuff” I’ve mentioned? At this stage, I can’t flesh that idea out. Some of it will be social commentary based on news, some of it will be an attempt to generalise my experiences to others, and some of it will simply be my observations of things around me. It’s a very vague list of “stuff” so I (and you) had better be correct in assuming that my opinions will actually be interesting to many people. We shall have to see.

Real posts will be coming soon.


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