Media (Over)Production

What with all the media being produced by contemporary society, it amazes me that there is still money to be made in publishing of various kinds. I was struck by the thought when I saw a poster for a poetry reading at a town bookstore. I’ve never heard of the poet, which led me to think about how many poets, writers, artists and bloggers there are out there who are going to remain someone no one’s heard of. (At this point, I am in danger of being one of those people, but that doesn’t bother me too much.)

The problem as I see it is that too much material is produced, especially in the blogosphere. There is so much crap out there that companies like Google and Yahoo! have made a fortune out of making parts of the information available to people accessible and mostly useful. Electronic media have minimal barriers to entry – there aren’t editors or publishers to impress and people don’t need to make money from their output – so there is way more crap out there. So while Google, Yahoo! and Technorati make it fairly easy to find decent material, what happens to the material that isn’t decent? And I am not even talking about splogs: where will all the below-average blogs go? They won’t disappear and will probably only clog up servers and bandwidth everywhere. That’s a LOT of wasted energy, space and time.

I suppose we’ll have to see whether my little piece of online real estate fizzles its way into obscurity and/or electronic limbo. (Encouragement welcome… 😉


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