Finding a job

Looking for a job isn’t fun. It saps your energy, erodes away your time and plays havoc with your mental state if you are an average job seeker. I am involved in that process at the moment. Granted, my situation as someone at a good college with a semester plus left before I graduate doesn’t quite put me in the same boat as most, but the situation isn’t quite as peachy as one might think.

That whole non-citizen on a non-immigrant visa thing causes a good number of companies to turn me down out of hand. And then on top of that I am a Maths and English double major from a liberal arts college: I don’t have technical experience or twenty courses in computer science. Most employers in tech-related industries won’t give me a second look (if they even give me a first) for those very reasons. END WHINING.

This post is more about the frustrations attendant on job searches in general. Are there ways to make job searches less painful, if not quite painless?  If there are, I would love to hear about them.  Because the whole thing is getting rather frustrating at the moment.


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