Index Cards + Irreverence = Hilarity

Once again, thanks to Rex Sorgatz’s Best Blogs of 2006 that You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading, I found Indexed, a blog devoted to stray thoughts captured on index cards. I’ve been reading (or would you call it viewing?) Old Bag’s posts for a few days now and won’t be stopping any time soon. Her offbeat, somewhat cynical humour is right up my street. She manages to communicate a fully shaped idea within the sparse confines that she sets herself and generally manages to be quite hilarious in doing so. Her irreverence simply makes her cards funny: whoever thought to map what your mother does and doesn’t know about you to a Venn diagram? And who would ever think to graph “things seen” against “things believed”? Old Bag has, and some seriously humourous cards are the result.

My near-daily dose of index cards make my day. Every time.


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