Interviewing Experience

Apologies for not having more composed thoughts today: I had my first real-world interview for a real-world job today. Beyond the tension I felt leading up to the interview itself, the day was exhausting because it involved driving the two hours between Amherst and Boston twice today. But in any case, I had a wonderful experience and got to see the inside of a really cool company.  (For the time being, I’d rather not name the company because I am not comfortable doing that until there is some finality to my interactions with the company.)

And now to my interviewing experience. It was a second round interview, so it was a rather gruelling session: I had four meetings in total. I met with a recruiter and then three managers involved in different areas of the company. Beyond the process itself, which had one r two quirks of its own, it was good to see inside a company run the way this one is. The company focuses on ensuring its products are top class, and not too much else: it doesn’t want to dominate the market; it doesn’t want to downplay its competitors; it just wants to produce excellent products. My interviewers gave me the distinct impression that the company was invested in its employees: the company takes its employees’ interests into account when making demands of them. To put it simply, that is what I want from a company I work for. I want to know that I can participate in definining my role within the company. (That doesn’t mean I have complete control over my work – it means my input matters.)

I sincerely hope I get to work for this compan, because it would be an empowering experience. And I say that without ever having worked for anything remotely like a bureaucratic corporate behemoth: would you want that kind of influence over your job?


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