Sorry about the lengthy gap in posts. I mentioned my final exams in mid-December, but they overtook (and overpowered) me in the week and a half before I flew home just before Christmas. As a result, I didn’t leave a written warning about my impending trip to South Africa, where I have limited access to the internet using an unreliable dial-up connection. (And yes, this is a connection provided by Telkom, South Africa’s much-maligned telephone services provider – see Hellkom for more.) And then I was at home for three weeks. In terms of connectivity, this visit home was better than my last one in August, where we didn’t have a phone for more than a week, if I remember correctly. This time it was for just under a day. Still, I didn’t have the time to compose blog posts, so you have my apologies for that, as well as for not warning you of the silence that reigned supreme for the last month.

I’ll have more to say over the next few weeks, but for now let this photograph of a butterfly represent something of my time at home. The photograph was taken on our farm on the last day of December. Enjoy. (The fullsize photo can be seen here.)



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