Suggestions for the parents

My parents are going to be coming to my graduation in a few months’ time, and I want to show them something of the US of A. Neither of them has been to the US before, so just about everything will be new to both of them. Still, in the two weeks that they are here, I want to see awesome stuff with them. I haven’t done nearly enough traveling in the US myself to know what they have to see while they are here.

But I have officially (and happily) been designated their guide, so I need to get an itinerary together for them…

So do you have any suggestions for me? Please…? I’ll need to filter the suggestions, of course, because my parents are who they are, and they will only be in the country for two weeks in total. But such is life.

I would prefer to know about really interesting things to do in the northeast/New England, but suggestions from further afield would be wonderful too. (As an example, I would love to see Colorado with my parents…) But please do give me some idea of things they should see/do/eat and places they should go.

So let the ideas roll…

PS Feel free to break the fairly commentless atmosphere on the blog. Your comments are always going to be much appreciated.


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