I got an email about the BRICK Awards earlier today because I know one of the nominees. The awards are for outstanding individuals making a difference in the world and the twelve recipients of the Brick Awards seem to be making a serious difference. I know that Kimmie Weeks, the guy I know, has been doing amazing work in Liberia and Sierra Leone for years, and I think he fully deserves the award for his efforts. All twelve Brick Award recipients are finalists for the Golden BRICK Award, which involves another $15,000 prize to go towards their causes. I fully support what Kimmie is doing, so I wanted to cast my vote in his favour.

But when I got to the BRICK Awards website, I noticed something that got my hackles up. In order to vote, I needed to have a Yahoo! ID. I do have a Yahoo! ID, but I don’t know how I feel about Yahoo!’s need for voters to log in to their system. I really appreciate their support of the BRICK Awards, but I am not comfortable with the login situation. I can understand their desire to ensure the integrity of the votes they receive, but the true cynic in me sees the possibility that Yahoo! may be using the competition as a means of garnering more users. Once someone has a Yahoo! ID, he/she is in some way bound to Yahoo!. (Of course, he/she may never use it again, he/she will still be a Yahoo! member if he/she doesn’t close or cancel the account.) I can’t say that I think Yahoo! is being unethical or doing anything wrong, but I am definitely made uncomfortable by the necessity of using a Yahoo! ID to validate all votes that are cast.

Am I alone in feeling a bit put off by the situation? Does anyone else have a similar response?


2 Responses to “Conundrum”

  1. Steve Says:

    Mweb is even worse — I had to get an identity on their site to make a comment on a blog they hosted.

    And if you want to comment on a blogger blog, it helps to have a Google ID.

  2. Andreas Says:

    I agree. It sucks to have to get corporate id’s to participate in blogging and commenting etc., and I think, if anything, things are getting worse. It’s all about MWeb and Yahoo’s hit-rates, registered users, “monetising” webtraffic and so on…

    To me it’s quite counter to the spirit of the internet, but I guess that’s just old-fashioned nostalgia and I should get used to it.

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