Somewhere in Translation

I’ve not posted for a while and I apologise for that: I would prefer to post far more frequently. Of late, however, I’ve been thinking about my posts even more than normal. (I chose “Slow Thoughts” for a reason.) If you would prefer not to deal with postmodern angst, you should probably stop reading now.

The long and the short of my thoughts is that I’ve been contemplating the nature of my posts and the relationship they (and I) have to South Africa. There are two main issues that have been bothering me. The first of these is the tone of my posts. I find I have a very didactic, supercilious tone that implies something like omniscience on my part. (As postmodern readers, you should automatically find a tone like that suspicious. But many of you probably don’t, so I need to try something else.) The second issue is somewhat tied to the first in that my posts claim a closeness to South Africa that isn’t necessarily there. While I love the country, four years in the US has meant that I am not quite as in touch with home as I’d like to be. I’ve found some South African blogs that have highlighted my distance from life in South Africa, and it’s made me question my approach to writing about South Africa.

I am not going to be reactionary, though. I am still going to post about home. Because I’ve come to accept that my voice is (currently) not a voice from the inside. For the time being, it will have to be a voice from the outside, which will have to reflect the distance I do have to South Africa as well as some of the persepctives I’ve gained from being away for so long.

So stay tuned. There will be more to come. (And if you want to read some REAL South African blogs, I recently added a few to my blog-roll. Feel free to peruse them for slightly different perspective on SA.)


One Response to “Somewhere in Translation”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Hey Dale, I think you’re being a little hard on yourself. I really like your posts and your perspective from the “outside” is one of the things that adds value to them, so I’m glad that you’ll continue to write about SA.

    I also appreciate your candor about how you feel you come across in your writing. I really struggle with that myself. I’m actually quite an introverted person who spends a lot of time thinking about stuff and comparatively little communicating his thoughts to others (one of my wife’s major bugbears with me – she just about has no “internal dialogue” whatsoever). So whenever I write something on my blog, I feel like I’m coming across as extremely arrogant and know-it-all. I seem to shift into a whole new persona that I often find really annoying myself…

    I don’t think you’re ever supercilious.


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