The situation in Zimbabwe has been deteriorating even further of late, culminating in well-documented state brutality. But the diplomatic “effort” of other countries have yet to make any impression on Mugabe’s rule. I don’t want to say too much, but will rather let the following video, put together by the Sokwanele Civic Action Support Group and first aired on their blog say more than I ever could.

Spread the word. Increase the non-governmental pressure.


2 Responses to “Zimbabwe”

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    […] then there’s the time taken by Mark Forrester, Dale du Preez, Undefined and iScatterlings. Someamongus wrote an open letter to Thabo Mbeki. His prefatory note […]

  2. Zimbabwe’s Descent Says:

    […] Tsvangirai — who suffered a fractured skull in a police beating on March 11 (see it here: http:slowthoughts.wordpress.com — is too optimistic about the beginning of Mugabe’s end: “I know his willingness […]

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