Lassitude Rules

As you should notice, I’ve been incredibly lax about updating my blog for quite a while now. In part, it’s been because I’ve hit the harder part of maintaining a blog. Unfortunately, it’s also been because I have become increasingly apathetic towards most things. I have been floating towards graduation for weeks, and have been anticipating the end of my undergraduate career for months. Lassitude has overpowered me and I’ve found myself a flaky, unreliable shell of my former self. The good part of it is that I am not too worried about it – that will need to kick in when I start work in a few months’ time.

But for now, I am trying to enjoy the last few weeks of my first shot at tertiary education. I will put some effort into my blogging again, but there will be a stretch where things get a bit thin in the weeks ahead. Some of that will be while I am traveling with my parents in the US, but most of it will be when I am in SA for June/July. I can’t wait to be home again, even if only for six weeks…