Be(com)ing a Bum

Cable television + high definition pictures + broadband internet + comfy couch + no money + lazy Dale => uber-bum.

I’ve been terrible for the last few days. I’ve gotten as far as scaring myself. I have become a truly lazy bum.

I could feel it coming on, but my suspicions were confirmed earlier this evening when I was watching TV and reading RSS feeds at the same time. And didn’t have the energy to do anything for supper. Ugh.

I can only hope that my long-awaited paycheque tomorrow provides me with a miraculous cure. (If I were you, though, I wouldn’t hold my thumbs…) Maybe you can drag me out of my laziness. If you don’t have it already, my email’s on the About page, and I check it often. And possibly to excess. But that’s a separate issue…


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