I couldn’t help but find two posts from Jeremy Nell’s Trash Media to be absolutely hilarious.

The first is the text of a post entitled “Why I don’t hate American Idiots.” An excerpt won’t capture the politically incorrect, off-the-wall brilliance of the post, so I won’t give you anything more of a teaser.

The second post is the Ditwits that Jeremy included in “Manto‚Äôs piss-up in hospital.” As always, the post itself is well worth reading, but the Ditwits is just a cut above. Needless to say, Trash Media is one of my must-read feeds: it’s satire that I really appreciate.

Last, but not least, is a post from Jessica Hagy’s Indexed, another one of my must-reads. Again, her post Curses is one of her better ones. If you like dry (vicious) humour, you should really appreciate this piece of index card magic.