The News

In my last post, which was in November [hanging head in shame], I tantalisingly alluded to great and wonderful news that was to follow soon. As it happens, the “soon” part was highly inaccurate, given that the delay hasn’t been due to laziness on my part. On the contrary, the corporate world being what it is, it’s taken until this week for me to get confirmation on my upcoming whereabouts. I’ve known for ages that my US visa is going to run out at the end of April, and that I don’t have any options for continuing to work in the US, so the only unknown has been “where next”. (Side note: I could, of course, marry my American girlfriend and remain in the country, but I can’t blame her for being unwilling to get herself stuck with me.;)) But now I know: my boss is going to try and get me transferred to the UK. So that’s where I’ll be in a few months’ time. All sorts of details still need to be hashed out, but I am happy that I now know where I am going to be.

All I need to do now is throw all my belongings into a box and hope I can get half of it across the Atlantic without incident…


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