Doors in Bathrooms

One of the oddest things that I noticed about Germany was the number of doors I had to fight my way through to get to a toilet. Every (semi-)public toilet that I visited had at least two doors between me and a urinal, and three for a real toilet, irrespective of how inaccessible the bathroom was. In most places I’ve visited, the gents tends to have one door on the outside and some well-placed walls or corners to guard the sanctity of its urinals. It struck me as somewhat odd when I noticed it in the first German bathroom I visited, but every subsequent urinal I found had this same sequence of doors protecting it from the world. Is there a reason for the large number of doors in Germany? Is this common in other places? Please do share.


Many Travels

I’ve just spent a good amount of time travelling all over the show. Just before leaving the US, I went on a two day trip to Amherst, MA to attend a mini-reunion, which was followed by a work trip to Darmstadt in Germany (with a small interruption to throw all my belongings into bags before leaving the US), and finally a much shorter trip to Eton in the UK. My travels in Darmstadt and Eton have both been full of rather interesting occurrences and observations, which will be coming in separate posts as and when I get all my thoughts vaguely organised and my photos off my camera. Be warned, however: you may not be as impressed or struck as I was when these observations first came to me.