Being Sucked In

I suppose I should blame myself, but I am definitely being sucked into work too much. It’s what I get for choosing to do an interesting job, I suppose, but I am not convinced I should allow myself to be drawn in too much. Um… end self-absorption.

The point here is that I consider it unhealthy to be too involved in one’s work, and I think I have crossed the border that lies somewhere beyond my definition of “health”. The question at hand is whether I need to shift my definition or adjust my relationship to work? I tend to lean towards the latter, but I am as yet undecided. What think you?



I am off to Orlando on Friday for almost a week on another work trip. The last little while really has been incredibly busy – I can only hope things quiet down once I get to the UK in six weeks’ time. I know for a fact that the next five weeks are going to be chock a block with goodbyes and events, so I am trying to squeeze everyone in before I leave.

This means that if you’d like to see me, please don’t allow me to forget you. 😛


To all my most sincere apologies: I’ve been increasingly caught up in work and my upcoming move to the UK. I’ve struggled to maintain any energy to read many blogs, never mind post to my own. In the last month or so, I’ve done far more travelling than I am used to and have found myself with increasingly less spare time as a result. I’ve managed to squeeze a five-day trip to Florida, eight full days of visits from my girlfriend, a day trip to New York and a six-day trip to the UK into the last four weeks, and definitely feel the need to slow down. Unfortunately, that’s looking unlikely, given that I have a business trip to Florida looming next week. Sigh…

I do have a less whiny personal update, however: I will officially be leaving the US in the first few days of May, so please do get in touch with me if you’d like to see me before I move across the Atlantic. (For those of you already in the UK, I will only be moving properly a week or so later, when I get back from Germany – the travelling won’t quite be finished.)

At some point soon, I will be officially reviving my feeble posting rate. [Please hold me to this.] So please do keep me somewhere near your radar.

Updated Links

I know there aren’t many people who visit this site, so very few people (if any) will notice that I’ve just updated the links that you should be seeing on the right hand side of your page. I have actually been reading most of these sites’ feeds for a few months now, so their addition is well overdue. Unfortunately, I haven’t been much of a participant in any of these blogs despite getting so much from them. (Obviously, I plan on changing that, but for the time being, I am only going to link to them.)

The first two links are to friends of mine. William Chen is currently in Japan and is writing at w   a n  d   e r  i  n  g, and Konrad Turski is blogging on, where he’s got a very nice-looking WordPress blog. (Is that hosted on, Konrad?)

The other blogs that I’d like to draw attention to both concern themselves with South African and international affairs. I really enjoy reading what Laurence, John and Wayne [et al? I don’t follow the contributors too closely…] have to say on Commentary South Africa and have been a subscriber to their blog for what feels like ages. I started following The Spike far more recently, but also enjoy Ivo Vegter’s take on all manner of things, especially the US. In both cases, what the authors have to say makes for interesting reading and food for thought. (Now all I need to do is actually respond to their thoughts directly…)

The News

In my last post, which was in November [hanging head in shame], I tantalisingly alluded to great and wonderful news that was to follow soon. As it happens, the “soon” part was highly inaccurate, given that the delay hasn’t been due to laziness on my part. On the contrary, the corporate world being what it is, it’s taken until this week for me to get confirmation on my upcoming whereabouts. I’ve known for ages that my US visa is going to run out at the end of April, and that I don’t have any options for continuing to work in the US, so the only unknown has been “where next”. (Side note: I could, of course, marry my American girlfriend and remain in the country, but I can’t blame her for being unwilling to get herself stuck with me.;)) But now I know: my boss is going to try and get me transferred to the UK. So that’s where I’ll be in a few months’ time. All sorts of details still need to be hashed out, but I am happy that I now know where I am going to be.

All I need to do now is throw all my belongings into a box and hope I can get half of it across the Atlantic without incident…

Where did the time go?

It’s been weeks upon weeks since I last managed to commit anything of import to my blog, which is a pity. But it also means that I have been busy with life instead of slaving away at my blog. It would be good to integrate my blog into my life, but that won’t be happening for a while still, unfortunately. (I *like* leaving my PC alone for days on end.) Spending my work hours in front of a screen has made me less likely to spend my personal time on a keyboard. (Also, I must have read a dozen books in the last month or so: some ideas may come from those at some point…)

Still, I will try to keep things moving. The next step will be when I get some photos uploaded to Flickr: hopefully some will have come out nicely.

Um, I think that’s it for now. Momentous things may be in the future, but I don’t know of anything certain as of yet, so I’ll leave you ominous hints and ellipses for the time being…

Follow-Up Quote

After the last quote I put up, I thought it might be worth putting up a second quote that takes a completely different stance, yet with a similar level of assumptiveness.

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

– C. S. Lewis

Much more has been said about C. S. Lewis and his views on Christianity than will ever be said of Banville’s character Max Morden, so I won’t elaborate on Lewis too much. I will, however, say that I loved The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.